Here at Witchaven I breed  2 miniature jacks to a small herd  of  jennets each year. They are bred in late spring so that babies are born, raised and ready to find new homes right around Thanksgiving each year. I have jennets of all colors. One thing that is a constant,they are handled every  day. I do all my own hoof care and vaccinations. Each has their own personality but all of them are affectionate and playful. They make wonderful pets for your children, companions for other farm animals as well as protectors for small animals that may be living with them. They are fiercly protective when strange animals enter their fields with aggressive ideas. All in all if you have never had a miniature donkey and you are animals friendly you have been missing  a wonderful pet in your life!
This is "Black Gold".
One of my jacks​ that rules the farm. He is cute and very affectionate. Loves to have his butt scratched and will turn around to make it easy for you.
This is "Samson" my paint Jack who is gentle and very friendly. He is totally affectionate and passess that on to his children.

Both of these jacks are kind and quiet to be around. They have great manners and are easy to handle. They over see things when I am away from the farm!